About us

HS Bakery is dedicated to producing handmade breads using traditional baking techniques.

Our dedicated team of bakers` works hard start every evening and bake through the nights to make sure only fresh bread reaches our outlets. Attention to details and unmatched quality are our speciality!

A step by step guide on how we work. We follow the ethos and methods of past bakers. This ensures we provide you with the highest quality bread that makes you satisfied:

  • - All ingredients are weighed by hand

  • - Dough always kneaded by hand

  • - Paying attention on fermentation time: We work with time as well as our senses

  • - Dividing and preshaping dough by hand

  • - We leave dough to rest in shapes to become more extensible

  • - Most loaves will be marked, or cut by hand just before they are baked

  • - We determine that a loaf is properly baked-by colour, by the hollow sound when we knock on the bottom of the loaf, and by internal temperature

  • - Finally the bread needs time to cool ..... and ready to be on the road to YOU.

We invest time and skill to produce the real, honest bread that smells, looks and tastes amazing.

Real bead takes time...

This is something that cannot be substituted. We are opting to use 3 main ingredients to make our bread - Flour, Water & Salt. By using traditional techniques and only natural ingredients allow us to produce incredible results. All our breads are free from chemical additives & improvers. We are always working towards the perfect loaf.

The Bread that Cares...

We are very proud of our produce. Our team only use high quality, free from chemical additives local produce. We are always working towards the perfect loaf. Our confidence is when you discover the difference.

Desserts with natural and alternative sweeteners


Over thousands of years, our bodies have used natural sweeteners such as fruit, honey, leaves and bark to satisfy the craving for sugar. Today, natural sugars are refined to the point of providing zero nutrition, due to consumer concerns about weight gain, depression, inflammation, migraines and Type 2 diabetes.

Because of their high level of humectants, honey and dried fruits will attract moisture and keep products soft for extended periods of time. Caloric values will remain high, and other ingredients have to be introduced that mimic the tenderizing qualities of white sugar.


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